Photo of the Month

"Wildcat Kittens" by Bob Matthews

Congratulations to Bob Matthews who wins our photo of the year 2016 with this lovely image of Kendra and her kittens. Bob's image was selected out of the 12 photos of the month to be our overall winner and win a photographic voucher to be used on one of our photo days here!

Bob's charming photograph was selected from the 12 by professional wildlife photographer Heather Angel. Heather is a renowned wildlife photographer, having won many awards in Britain and abroad. She selected Bob's photograph stating:

"It is always difficult to get an animal family portrait without one individual's face masked by another body or, even worse, a youngster running out of shot just as the shutter is released. Bob Matthews' image of "Wildcat Kittens' has achieved an endearing image of Kendra and her three kittens. Capturing all kittens in contact with their mother conveys her love for them and their dependence on her. I particularly like the way they are grouped together in a diagonal line, which enhances the composition. Well done and congratulations Bob!" Heather Angel, Professional Wildlife Photographer

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December 2017
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November 2017
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October 2017
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September 2017
"Snarling Wildcat" by Andy Lowe

August 2017
"Eagle owl" by Tony Walker

July 2017
"The mouse, the fly and the teasel" by Helen Haden