Tuesday, 17 January 2012

BWC Photo Competition 2011: Overall Winner

Congratulations to Jamie Holme for his image of the Water Vole winning the overall photographic competition for 2011.

Jaime was only 11 years old when he took this fantastic photo of the water vole. It caught the eye of all the judges on the first sort through of all the entries, and was eventually selected as the winner of the "Junior" category with all the judges agreeing "it is one my favourites from the whole competition."

After looking back over the 6 winning images again, it was very difficult to chose just the one from 6 very different photos, all extremely good in their own right. But the judges eyes kept turning back to the water vole thinking it had a certain something to it.

"We saw many entries of the water vole this year, but when we first saw this one it leaped out to us as a contender. It was different to all the others, but still displayed all it needed to be a classic portrait photograph. The close crop works really well to add a different look at this adorable British mammal, with his paw holding the rush whilst eating really making it for us. An iconic, but sadly declining, British mammal "Ratty" the water vole shown off to great affection."

Many congratulations to Jamie again, who will be spending a day at the British Wildlife Centre later this year with multi award winning professional wildlife photographer, Andy Rouse.

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