Friday, 5 December 2014

Wildcat Shift

As most of you now know, our three wildcat kittens where collected a couple of weeks a go to play a vital role in the conservation of the Scottish Wildcat. More news on that as and when I am able to tell you. This left our main enclosure we use for the talks empty.

As it happens, December and January are our two quiet months which allow us to go around and trim back trees etc and just give all the enclosures a bit of a Spring, or should that be Winter clean. So while doing this we decided to move Macavity, above, and Iona, below, back to one of the wildcat pens from their temporary home opposite.

This is back to where Iona has spent most of her life, and sure enough she has settled in as if she had never been away. For Macavity, it was his first time in our wildcat enclosure, but even he has settled quickly and already found a favourite spot on top of the new platform in the centre of the pen!

Look forward to these being used for the talk... Macavity is a bit of a snarler, so you never know you may see their real attitude come out!

So... this of course leaves the large enclosure next to the badger sett now vacant!?. Well, we are currently working on that pen by thinning out the branches, adding fresh bark chip and creating a new set up, but hopefully by next weekend our new resident will be out there exploring. News next week on who and what he is, but here is a clue...

... and if you can see what he is, you will know I am very... VERY... excited!

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