Thursday, 25 August 2016

Black Rats

Phew, what a hot spell we are having a the moment, and the animals are struggling a little. Not spending too much time in the heat of the sun, they are making more use of their underground dens and shaded areas.

This makes our "Keeper Talks" all the more vital for you to see our animals. I am sure many will still be visible outside our talk times, you may just need to be a little more patient than normal, but certainly at the talks you should see everything while we feed, before they slink off again in to the shade.

"So why a photo of a black rat Matt?" I hear you ask...

"Well" I would answer, "That's not just any old black rat... that's Kelvin!"

Kelvin is one of a few new black rats that arrived at the Centre last week. Some of you may have noticed a decline in numbers recently, mainly due to age, and so an injection of youth and new blood to minimise inbreeding was needed.

Kelvin and his mates came to us from friend of the Centre, Dr Steve Havers. Hopefully they will settle and breed with ours, and in the new year we will begin to see our numbers begin to increase. Kelvin is the boldest of the newest arrivals, and over the past few days has always been the first down to feed, and happy to feed in front of the public. If you visit in the morning, keep your eyes open for him in the barn, and you may well get to see him.

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