Monday, 29 May 2017

Wildcat Kittens

There has been a few rumblings amongst some of the members who visit us regularly now about our wildcats. They were calling earlier this year, Kendra our female seems to be gaining weight, we decided to shut the male out in to his own enclosure, and then we stopped cutting the grass for a few weeks... On top of all this, it is a similar time of year to when she had kittens last year!

Well, the wait is over... yes, Kendra has had another litter of kittens this year, and even more exciting is that they have just started to make appearances over the last weekend. Still very shy around people, but we did manage to get a quick snap of one of them (above) before she ran back to her den.

Kendra is being a great mum, and is very experienced. These kittens look a little older than her last few litters when she started bringing them out, but either way they all look good and healthy.

Some of our visitors over the weekend managed to see them, and some even managed to take some lovely photographs. Hopefully we will see some of these shared online.

In the mean time, here are last years three kittens just outside their den at around the same age as our ones this year currently are.

Don't forget we are open everyday this week, and if you do decide to pay us a visit... keep your eyes open around the Wildcat enclosure for a chance to get a glimpse of these beautiful animals.

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