Sunday, 8 July 2018

Members Evening: 2018

Thank you to all the members who came along to our annual "Members Evening" last night. As with previous years we stayed open for an extra few hours after we usually close, for members of the Centre to enjoy the place to themselves and in the slightly cooler evening weather.

This is a great time to be at the Centre, and the animals are often a little more active with it being slightly quieter and certainly with yesterdays weather a little cooler too. A couple of extra talks were done, not usually on our schedule, and a few extra feeds for the animals too.

Our harvest mice are always popular, and as has become a bit of a staple for this event now, after the owners welcome we went down to the Dell to talk about harvest mice and provide a few photo opportunities to the keen photographer too.

Our second talk was held at the other side of the Centre, with an update on our badgers, dormice, snakes and smaller mustelids... but with a focus on weasels and stoats.

Throughout the evening we had keepers out and about with our new owlets, and generally on hand to answer any questions. A few extra feeds were added too, including the otters, foxes, wildcats and pine martens.

Thank you again to all who came, and for all your support as members. The evening was a huge success, and a great way to end a great day... Not sure if you heard... but it's coming home!

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