Saturday, 7 December 2019

Otter Cubs

Well, we've been keeping this one a little quiet as always, but with some people suspecting the news with the less frequent sightings of Emmy, and then some photographs showing them being moved by mum, I guess it's time to announce we have some otter cubs!

Otters do not have a set breeding season, and can give birth anytime of year, but our mature female Emmy seems to always pop them out in Autumn. This year is no different, and the last weekend of the October half term she gave birth to two cubs.

We have been keeping a close ear on the holt to make sure they are alright, and then last week at four weeks old, it was time to sex them, microchip them and give them a closer look over with our vet to make sure they are healthy and happy.

As with last year, we have one male and one female, still tucked up with mum... but she will occasionally move them from holt to holt so keep your eyes open. If you don;t see them, you will certainly hear them at certain times of the day when they are calling out for feeding.

Emmy always seems to time her litters well, and once again this later year birth means they will most likely be having their swimming lessons and more frequent sightings around Christmas and the new year... just when we are open to the public for a week, well done Emmy!

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