Friday, 24 January 2020

Otter Cub Update

Our two otter cubs couldn't of timed their first explorations of their home any better. Our week of opening after Christmas saw them continue their swimming lessons with mum, and then start to emerge once or twice on their own. For those visitors who happily watched most of the day, they were usually rewarded with a glimpse of them having a little wander before being dragged back home by mum.

Since then they having slowly been getting a little bolder, sightings have been a little more frequent. Although still not predictable, they usually venture out on their own once or twice during the day, and mum is quite happy to leave them to it. We have even had one of them out for the keeper talk already... although it will be a good few more talks before they are used to the timings and confident enough to be there all the time.

They are growing fast, but still small enough to be obvious cubs. Elwood, the dad, above is being as good as ever in helping to look after them... and the little female in particular is very much a daddy's girl, sticking by his side when they are out and about.

Mum, Emmy, below is still doing a great job in looking after them. They will still be suckling, but she does take food back to them too to chew on. They tend to eat in their holt still, but it won't be long till they are more confident about eating out on the bank in front of everyone.

So, what are the young cubs names?.. David Otternborough and Nicole Scherswimmer... and you thought we couldn't beat our otter pun names of previous years?.. yeah, you were probably right, so we'll just call him Dave and his sister Nicole.


  1. Hi Matt
    Which is the male cub ? is it the one with the fairly distinct mustache ?

    1. Hi Nelle, sorry... only just seen you comment. I'm not sure what you mean, if you are referring to the photos above, then it is the same cub in each photo, the male. To be honest, at this age, it is difficult to tell them apart at a quick glance. I would say both of them have a 'moustache' if you look closely enough, but neither as obvious as their mum's. The female is a little smaller, slightly narrower face and not as light in colour either but this may change as they grow. Matt

    2. Hi Matt, Thank you for responding. I am the otter keeper at UKWOT, so you would think I could have phrased my question a little clearer - sorry, but you've answered the question anyway, so thank you.

    3. Hi Nelle, Ah that makes sense why you ask now... send me an email and I can forward you some photos of the little male for you if you'd like. Matt


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