Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fox cubs emerge.

Yesterday, Richard saw Flo's cubs emerge for the first time! He has seen at least three at the same time, but of course there could be a few more hidden away. Surprisingly Flo has had them in a different area of the enclosure than last year, but when a little bigger and moving around more, they may well feel they need to move back to their earth.

I had a little sit in the enclosure this evening, but all I saw was one cub nose occasionally peeking from the den. The photos on this page are of the three orphaned cubs currently being reared by Katie.

The three cubs, "Shadow, Polly and Tipsy", will be on view after the fox talks this weekend, in our photographic pen opposite the polecats and stoats.

Of course, you may well glimpse our own cubs with Flo too.

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