Thursday, 7 July 2011

Members Evening, Reminder and Schedule

Saturday the 9th of July, 2011
5pm - 8pm

We all at the BWC look forward to welcoming once again all our members of "Friends of the British Wildlife Centre" to our annual Members Evening. This year taking place on Saturday the 9th of July, continuing on from our normal closing of 5pm until 8pm later that evening.

As usual, it will be a fun and informal time to get to meet many other members and all the BWC staff, and of course we will have the extra talks and events to make the evening that little bit special.

Summer 2011's Evening Schedule will be:

5.30 - Welcome from Centre owner, David Mills

6.00 - Wildcat Talk with a focus on the conservation work we do

6.30 - Otter Talk with a focus on the research work we do 

7.00 - Pine Marten / Fox / Polecat - Feeds at the relevant enclosures

7.30 - Badger Talk wit a focus on our future plans

8.00 - Evening Close

Look forward to seeing many of you there. If you could just drop us an email or phone call at the main office to let us know you intend to come, then we would be appreciative. Helps us to manage staffing and refreshments.

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