Friday, 1 July 2011

Owl Update

Richard has done a great job in rearing Tutoke, the barn owl chick. She is now looking beautiful and will make her flying debut this weekend at the owl displays. You will have to be patient while she builds up her confidence in front of a large crowd, but on her practice session today she was amazing.

In other owl news, the young female little owl that was brought in as a rescue and has been recovering in our display aviary, has now recovered and been re-released. This has allowed us to introduce Robin, our friendly little owl, into the display aviary. He has been a brilliant photographic owl, but not being an imprint will enjoy his life in the new aviary a lot more. I am hoping to acquire a young female to pair up with him later in the year... you never know, we may breed our first ever little owls in 2012.

Look out for Robin this weekend.

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