Monday, 29 August 2011

New Mink Arrives

Saturday afternoon saw the arrival of a new mink to the British Wildlife Centre. As many of you know, our elderly male mink "Lucky" passed away earlier this Summer due to old age, and we have been looking for a replacement ever since.

This new youngster will tame down very well over the next few weeks, and I am sure he will be out and about on view when he gets into his new routine.

The american mink is a non native mustelid, that has come over from America. In most cases due to fur farming for their coats. Many animal rights groups aided their escapes from these farms, and they have since been spreading and increasing in population over the country. Although not their fault, it does mean they are now classified as vermin due to the destruction they can cause on our own native wildlife.

There is no doubt however that our new young mink is a very handsome chap, and will be a great ambassador for the trouble that invasive exotic animals can bring.

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