Monday, 28 November 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Junior" Shortlist

Welcome to the first of our posts showing off the 20 short-listed photos for each category. First up is the Junior  section. We were very pleased to see a lot of interest in this category, which was for people aged 16 years old or under.

Below are the 20 photos... congratulations to all who made it this far. Winner and runner-up will be announced early January after our judging panel, including professional wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, have had a chance to look through them all.

 "Marsh Frog" - Andrea Alvarez

 "Tawny Owl" - Andrea Alvarez

 "Red Squirrel" - Chris Smith

 "Frog Prince" - Daniel Jackson

 "Just so cute" - Daniel Jackson

 "Red Fox"- Fiona_35

 "Reflection" - Fiona_35

 "Polecat" - Sam

 "Eagle Owl" - Kai  Vallely

 "Red Fox" - Kai Vallely

 "Fox" - Laura Rouse

 "Have you got my best side?" - Lydia Akrel

 "Squirrel" - Lydia Akrel

 "Water Vole" - Pardus99

 "Wildcat" - Pardus99

 "Squirrel" - Sid the Photographer

 "Squirrel" - Sid the Photographer

 "Squirrel" - Sophie

 "Squirrel" - Sophie

"Harvest Mouse" - Tim Brammel

Good luck to all the short-listed entries above. The next category to be announced will be the Artistic Interpretation. 

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