Tuesday, 27 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals in their Habitat"

Happy holidays to you all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. If you are looking to escape the festivities for a while then why not come and see us... we are now open everyday until next Tuesday, January the 3rd, 2012. If you don't fancy coming out but still need a break from the Christmas season, then why not take a peek at the photos below..

The following 20 photos are the short-listed entries for the "Animals in their Habitat" category of our 2011 BWC Photo Competition. This category saw a staggering number of entries and so if you managed to get into the group below, many congratulations.
As I have mentioned before, winners to be announced during January of next year as chosen by our judging panel, headed by renowned wildlife photographer Andy Rouse.

 "Little Owl" - David Miles

 "Tawny" - David Miles

 "Short Eared Owl" - Diandy

 "Where's Wally?" - Flowersnow

 "Adder" - Gary Rachame

 "Badger" - Hubert Hung

 "Hide and Seek" - Joannel Wainford

 "Field Mouse" - John Harding

 "Marsh Frog" - Keith Brooks

 "Fox" - Mark Tolcher

 "Harvest Mouse" - Mark Bridger

 "Fox" - Mike Bainbridge

 "Mouse" - Moira (GML Images)

 "Water Vole Snacking" - Onca99

 "Red Squirrel" - Pagnobito

 "Stargazing" - Peter Hale

 "I'm looking down on you" - Peter Tettlow

 "Otter" - Phil Homer

 "Natural Acrobat" - Sue Edwards

"Mouse" - Tabbiecat

Next Monday, and the first blog post of 2012, will showcase the final 20 photographs in the competition and the short-listed entries for the "Animal Portraits" category. Unsurprisingly this was the most popular category receiving the most entries.

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