Monday, 5 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; Artistic Interpretation

So, another Monday, another category to announce the shortlisted entries for this years BWC photographic competition. This week it's the turn of the "Artistic Interpretation" category where we allowed any amount of manipulation, big or small.

The photographs below were selected by the staff at the Centre and as with all the categories, the winners will be chosen by our judging panel, headed by internationally renowned professional wildlife photographer, Andy Rouse.

 "Badger in Bluebells" - Andy&Nic

 "Water Vole" - Andy&Nic

 "Brock" - Artography

 "Barn Owl" - Dolts007

 "Cute Kitty" - Flower Snow

 "Gigantasaurus" - Helena Pugsley

 "Fox" - gneil

 "Badger Blur" - Jason Steel

 "Otterly Perfect Place to Be" - Mandy Swanwick

 "They'll Never Find Me" - Mandy Swanwick

 "Tawny Owl" - Mark Bridger

 "Fox" - Mike Bainbridge

 "Deer" - Moira(GML Images)

 "Fox" - Old Man George

 "On the Run" - Old Man George

 "Stalking " - Philip Petrou

 "Tawny Owls" - Philip Pound

 "The Silver Dish" - Portiaphotos

 "My Name is Honey" - Pui Hang

"Colourful Fox" - Steve Moulding

Once again, judging will take place by the end of the year with the winning photographs to be announced during January of next year.

Good luck to all the entries!

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