Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Otters to star on Winterwatch

Yesterday, Chris Packham and the "Springwatch" team were down here to film for a Winterwatch series they are doing this Winter.

Within this series they are to show an episode which concentrates on otters, and whilst they had very good footage of wild otters... they wanted to have a bit with Chris Packham talking to the camera with otters swimming around him!

Of course, Gracie and Tamar were willing to help out, and although it took a little time for them to get used to someone walking actually in their pond, they settled down quickly and proved to be naturals in front of the camera!

Although our otters have been filmed many times before, I believe it is the first time that Grace and Tamar will be on the small screen... the filming was obviously very tiring for them as you can see above.

Winterwatch will air later this year, keep an eye out to see our otters on there, and a brief cameo in the background by our weasel, Eva.

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  1. How absolutely fantastic ... and well worth seeing on small - large or any screen size there is!