Friday, 24 May 2013

Britain's National Species

BBC Wildlife magazine recently launched a poll to come up with a national species for Great Britain. Just like America has the bald eagle, Russia the bear and Australia the kangaroo... what would be Britain's national identity which shows of our history, character and culture?

Have a look at the website to see ten different animals and plants having their case put forward by different groups, and why not cast a vote too.

The choices put forward are:-

 - Oak tree
 - Badger
 - Ladybird
 - Swallow
 - Otter
 - Bluebell
 - Red Squirrel
 - Hedgehog
 - Water vole
 - Robin

For me?.. Well out of those choices I think it would have to be the oak tree or the red squirrel. My head would probably champion the oak tree for its history, but as an animal man I would lean towards the red squirrel.

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