Monday, 23 September 2013

Otter Cub

Do you remember when Emmy was still just a cub? Well now she is all grown up, and has had a litter of her own.

Emmy was bred here at the Centre about three years a go now, and was paired up with Elwood on his arrival from the New Forest Wildlife Park. They settled down together extremely quickly, and have always got on well... often seen playing in the water with each other and chasing each other over the ice during the winter.

A few weeks ago we noticed that Emmy was not "out and about" as much as she normally is, and coupled with Elwood dragging nesting material back to one of the holts we suspected that she may possibly have given birth.

We left her well alone, but had a quiet listen to to her holt just to make sure she was alright... what we heard was the quiet squeaking of youngsters, and so we left her to it.

Over the last week she has been out more often, and this has allowed us to take a quick peek in to the holt to see what is going on and make sure if there were any babies that they were all right. We can now confirm that Emmy is the proud mum of one cub, which is looking fat and healthy!

Otters can breed any time of year, so having a litter later in the year is not uncommon. Usually they would have two or three, but being a first time mum we are not surprised to see just the one.

Fingers crossed she will continue to do a good job in rearing her little one. We believe it to be about three weeks old now, and so could possibly start to emerge around about October half term.

In the meantime we are leaving Emmy to it, so I will bring you more news and pictures when the cub starts to venture out.

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