Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Red Squirrels to Tresco

We have had a very good year with our red squirrels, with many kittens being born. As I have mentioned in the past David Mills, the owner of the Centre, has long wanted to release red squirrels on to some of the islands around the UK and last year we sent a few squirrels over to the Island of Tresco on a pilot release.

Along with a little help from the residents, it seem that they have been doing very well, and so this week we boxed up a further twenty squirrels to join them on the island to help try and establish a new population.

So how are they getting to this island?.. Flying of course!..

Not quite like this, instead the local Navy base is going to escort them over onboard one of their helicopters as a training exercise. Exciting stuff!

I will let you know how they get on. Hopefully we will be sent one or two photos of them once they have settled in to the wild, and so of course I will share them with you here.

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