Friday, 11 October 2013

Kitten and Cub Update

An update is needed me thinks, before we start on the more autumnal blog posts for the year!

Above is a photo of Emmy's otter cub... it is confirmed that she has had the one, and it is looking very fat and healthy. Normally otters would have two or three in a litter, but being a first time mum, it is not surprising to see just the one.

If I had to guess, I would say it will start venturing out of the holt in a couple of weeks! But to be sure, wait till I post some pics on the blog here, then you will know it is a bit more likely to be seen.

Kendra's kittens have been a bit more elusive, especially around me, but I finally managed to get a couple of snaps for you. Above is mum with one of her three kittens. Below is one of her kittens before she followed mum's suit, and ran away from me pretty quick!

Why does Kendra not like me?.. Well, I am the one that usually catches and moves the kittens on from her, once they are at that age. She remembers well, which is a shame for me, and a job that I need to do again this coming week. These kittens are due their health checks, micro chipping, dna testing, sexing and flu jabs. Not an easy task!

Finally I thought you may like to see a more recent photo of Iona's three kittens. They have settled down extremely well, and are stars for both the keeper talks and photographic days. From the back we have Cormack, Glen and finally sister Heather.

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