Sunday, 27 October 2013

Polecat Release

We successfully bred two litters of polecat kits earlier this year. Storm and Velvet once again had a litter, this time of only 2 kits, but they followed on from last years litter in proving to be the most beautiful polecats you have seen! They certainly take after their mum... sorry Storm.

For the first time this year, our second pair of Cassius and Mags also successfully bred. Mags gave birth to seven kits earlier this year.

Last weekend all of these kits were collected by Lily and Steve at Ferret Rescue. They have been taken off to meet up with other polecats bred in collections, and will be part of a release program run and coordinated by Lesley Harmer, the Polecat studbook keeper.


  1. good luck with the program and well done with your success with these guys! Do you know if they will be released now or wait till next year now?

    1. Hello Owen,

      I am not entirely sure to be honest, as that side of things is all organised by the studbook holder. However I think they may have already been released, so that there is still time to monitor them before the winter hits.