Friday, 11 April 2014

Fox Cubs

No, we don't have fox cubs at the Centre... I just want to make that clear before people come just to see them and get disappointed, but we did welcome four young cubs for one morning last week for a new project the owner is working on.

A couple of days a go now, Wildlife A&E kindly brought in four of their orphaned cubs that they were rearing for us to film for an upcoming project (which you will hear more about later this year). As many of you know, we took the decision to stop breeding our foxes a few years a go, so it was lovely to see fox cubs at the centre once again, if just for a brief spell.

Have a look at this video to see them having a bit of fun in out inside area for the foxes in the barn...

Thanks once again to Louise and Wildlife A&E. To see all the good work they do follow the links below to their website and Facebook page.

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