Tuesday, 26 August 2014

BWC Reminders

I have been told that entries in to this years BWC Photo Competition are currently lower than they were this time last year, and what is more disappointing is apparently there are currently no "Junior" entries!.. So I have been asked to put a post up to remind you all to send your pics in!

I have been told by a lot of members that "Flick" has been changing a bit recently, and is more confusing to add photos to groups and discussions etc... this could explain lack of interest from there. but you can still email your photos in to competition@britishwildlifecentre.co.uk And if you know any juniors... get them to enter there favourite pics!

For more information, click on the tab above "Photo Competition"

While reminding about that, I thought I would remind you of the other groups we have around for you to keep up to date with everything BWC.

  • Facebook - Now over 2,500 likes on our Facebook page, and the easiest way to keep up on any posts that go up on this blog. Most of our visitors to this blog come from our facebook page.
  • Twitter - For those that prefer twitter, we also have a feed there. It is automatically linked to our Facebook page and so updates when that does. As always, if you need to get in touch, always best to email in to the main office.
  • Flickr - A group page on flickr for people to share there photos taken at the British Wildlife Centre.
  • Youtube - Our BWC channel features all videos used on the website and any publicity videos we have been involved with. For any of the short clips I have used on this blog for animal updates you would need to look at my channel.
  • Matt's Photos - My sister blog with more photos from around the Centre of the animals and work we do. I have been amazed at how this blog has grown in its short time.
  • BWC Main Website - And not to forget our main website of course.

Thanks once again to all of you and especially the regular visitors to this blog. I am blown away by how it has developed from its humble beginnings to where it is now. We have regular viewings from around the world, and 100's of hits a day increasing greatly when a post goes live. 
Hopefully this blog will continue to provide you with all the interesting animal news from the Centre, as well as other little bits and pieces. Thank you all, I really do appreciate all your support.


  1. Sorry to say that I am probably in the minority (going by the numerous positive comments that I saw after last year's photo competition winners were announced) but I thought that the short listed pictures and most of the final winner's photos were pretty poor, therefore I will not be entering any photos this year because they will have little chance of winning.

    1. Sorry to hear that, but thank you for your thoughts. We have had comments, good and bad, after every years photo competition winners have been announced. I guess it is such a subjective and opinionated hobby that it leads to this divide.

      Each year we have had a professional photographer help and lead with the judging, this year it will be David Llyod.

      It is a shame to hear you won't be entering this year. You never know what will be picked, and anything that promotes British wildlife and photography is surely a good thing to support.

  2. Many thanks Matt. Yes, it is all subjective, but for instance the runner-up photo of the stoat in 'Animal Portrait: a classic portrait, the animal fills the shot' category last year was not what it should be - as the animal did not fill the shot.

  3. If we get more snow again this winter it would be great if you could put on a special photo day !

    1. Hi Rose,

      Yes, I normally try to arrange special photo days for times like that. We did a couple few years a go and they went down really well. Unfortunately with the last lot of snow the roads here were so bad it would have been difficult for people to get to us, and dangerous around the Centre.

      When we do special photo days like this I usually announce them on the blog, and then it is a case of first come first serve basis for the places.

      Fingers crossed for snow later this year/earlier next year.