Saturday, 16 August 2014

Reed Bank

It may be difficult to see from the above picture, but it shows a small section of our new reed bank being created. This has been designed and built to help manage the grey water waste being produced, but at the same time will help create another habitat within our grounds and on the edge of our nature reserve.

Although in its infancy, it will not be long until it has fully mature in to a reed bank. Once done we imagine it will provide a valuable habitat for a number of frogs, toads and newts as well as perhaps some smaller birds and insects.

It will also provide us with an ideal area to release more harvest much out on to our reserve. Being a little isolated they will have to remain semi-wild, with feed stations in place to help them out and maybe even artificial nests. Think of it as a very VERY large harvest mouse enclosure. Hopefully something we can achieve in a couple of years time.

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