Sunday, 1 March 2015

February's Photo of the Month

"Red squirrel and Muntjac" by Ashley Buttle

Lot's of good feedback, and a lot of you coming up to me at the Centre saying you think the photo a month could be a good idea. Thanks for the support...

So, it is now March and therefore time to share my photo of the month for February!

Another one from flickr. It was very hard for me to pick one this month, some great photos of Buster our otter cub playing in the mud, the first photos of our adders emerging this year, and a beautiful portrait of one of our red squirrels on flickr that I particularly liked, but I went back to the 1st of February when this photo above was taken by Ashley Buttle.

What a beautiful photograph! So often our muntjac deer are overlooked in this enclosure due to our squirrels buzzing around, and rarely do I ever see the two interact with each other. But this photo captures a rare moment of the two species nose to nose while the red squirrel was eating a seed. Not only does this show a lovely moment to have witnessed, but Ashley has captured it brilliantly with great composition and timing.

Well done Ashley! Your photo will be in our gallery next year in our coffee shop. To see more of Ashley's photos, follow the link in his name below the photograph to see his photo stream on flickr.

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  1. The art of photography is the capture of a moment in time and this shot does that so well. Excellent.


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