Thursday, 16 July 2015

More youngsters!

I promised you updates on how our new arrivals where getting on... and I'll get there... really I will... but first I ought to let you know about a few more youngsters that we now have at the BWC.

We now have more baby red squirrels running around, and a pair of hogletts (baby hedgehogs) which Big Tom is currently looking after. Both very exciting of course, but I am more excited about this little one above...

A baby weasel... She has been reared by Izzy, and will be on display for our summer opening starting next week. We have named her Ygritte, and she really is an adorable little thing. Female weasels are said to be able to fit through a wedding ring!.. and they are really small... but I think that may be a slight exaggeration, unless it is a small weasel and a large wedding ring :-)

Updates on the others to come, and don't forget from next wednesday we are open everyday for the Summer holidays!

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