Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Polecats Playing

Would you like to see some pictures of our polecat kits playing?.. Oh who am I kidding, of course you would! Well here you go...

Oriel has five healthy polecat kits, all in the main polecat enclosure, and they have been bundle of fun over the past few weeks. Polecats are very playful at a few months old, and are often seen here chasing each other around and jumping on top of one another. They even try and get mum involved sometimes, much to her annoyance.

We have yet to find out if they are males or females, but from looking at them from a distance we suspect it may be just the one female and the rest boys!

We will have the youngsters here for a few more weeks before they are collected as part of a release programme. If you get the chance, do come and have a look at them playing. It really is great fun to watch!

Once the youngsters have moved on, we will re-introduce Whitstable back in to the pen with Oriel. This will then give them plenty of time to settle before hopefully mating again next year.

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