Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Introducing "Percy"

Say hello to Percy, our new long eared owl!

Percy was hatched out here at the Centre about 3 weeks ago, by our pair of breeding long eared owls. Much like his older sibling Leo, we decided to take Percy away to rear to join our educational and flying team.

Little Tom has been honoured with the task of being mum, but maybe it's best to say he is just a proud dad!

Percy will be living with Tom for the next 7 weeks or so while he matures and grows. Once old enough he will start his flying training, and come to live here at the Centre with all our other owls. By the end of the summer, or certainly shortly after, he will be part of our flying team for the displays.

If you visit us over the summer, and Little Tom is on duty, keep your eyes open as he may well be walking around with Percy getting him used to meeting people.

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