Friday, 15 July 2016

Members Evening

"Harvest Mouse" by John Phillips

Members Evening has come and gone, and it was another success... in fact, it was the busiest Members Evening we have had to date, so thanks to all who came and supported the night and spent the evening with us here.

The evening allowed us to stay open until 8pm for you all to wander around in the later light, and enjoy the animals at arguably their best time of day. We started off with the usual welcome talk, and Centre update, and then the first "extra" talk was an old favourite and much requested... Harvest mice.

It seems you all love the harvest mice, and it may well end up being a staple of the evening in years to come. Of course, photo opportunities were available after the talk as well for the budding photographers out there.

"Polecat Kits" by Stef Morris

Our other special talk for the night was all about polecats and stoats. We were lucky, and Oriel even brought her kits out to see us, and Susie the stoat was a star as always.

"Stoat" by Zena Saunders

As well as the talks, the keepers were on hand to chat to, and were walking around with various animals. Extra feeds for some of the favourites such as otters and pine martens took place between the talks. All in all, a great evening, even if we do say so ourselves.

"Pine Marten" by Dave Burden

Thanks again to all who came and made the night special, and thanks to all the members for their continued support of the Centre and the work we do!

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