Monday, 3 September 2018

Photo of the Month: August 2018

"Yellow-neck Mouse" by Helen Hooker

It seems like the summer opening is coming to an end, even before it has started. This time of year always flies by for us and this year is no different. We have been very busy with visitors this summer, lots of regulars, and lots of new faces too which has been lovely to see.

A lot of cameras as well, and we could of easily of chosen several more photographs to share of our animals taken this summer. If you get the chance, do look us up on flickr and instagram and you will see many more great photos taken by our visitors this past month. But for our photograph of August, we have picked this photo above taken by Helen Hooker of one of our yellow neck mice posing rather nicely. They really have been one of the underrated starts of the Centre this year so far! Very active, and providing much entertainment.

Helen's photo will be in our gallery next year, and Helen will be in with a chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre.

Below are a few more photos from this past month, and as always, click on any of the photographers names to see more photographs taken by them.

"Scottish Wildcat" by Bob B

"Playing Otters" by Geof S

"Is it feeding time yet?" by Steve Liptrot

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