Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Einspine the Hoglet

Say hello to our new baby hedgehog.... Einspine.

Einspine was bought in to us as a rescue a couple of weeks a go. She was only a few weeks old, and still was and is reliant on a helping hand, so keeper Clare has taken up the role of surrogate mum.

Looking after her at such a young age means Clare takes Einspine home in the evenings to carry on with her regular feeds, and to spend time with her to keep her friendly. This little hoglet is still on milk feeds, but is currently being weaned onto soft food and being encouraged to lap up milk on her own.

Once weaned, bigger and ready, Einspine will become one of our education hedgehogs to meet and greets with school groups, helping us to try and engage school children to want to go home and do something to help with our wildlife themselves.

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