Sunday, 18 November 2018

Otter Cubs

"Head Keeper with Otter Cubs" by Alan Jones

Well, do I have some exciting news for you!.. As ever, we have been keeping it a little quiet for the first few weeks just to make sure all is OK... but since they are no longer quiet, and all through my talk yesterday all we could hear were squeaks from the holt, let me introduce you to our two new otter cubs!

These two little ones were born at the end of October, and last week it was time to make sure they were fit health wise, microchip them and sex them. A boy and a girl! Not yet named, but knowing the keeper team I am sure they will be great... well, they will be names at least.

This weekend they are just over 5 week old, and so not coming out of the holt yet, but if you are lucky you may well here them calling.

So when will they out for people to see? Usually around 8 weeks is when we first see them, give or take, and then another couple of weeks for more reliable sightings... and what's that... that times perfectly with our open week after Christmas?.. Well yes it does, what a brilliant mum Emmy is.

We will keep you updated, and hopefully show some more photos of them as they grow. For now we are leaving them alone again for Emmy to do what she does best.

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