Thursday, 6 December 2018

Photo of the Month: November 2018

"Snarling Wildcat" by Brett Watson

Wildcats seems to be the theme of the past month going by the photographs we have seen. Many more wildcat photos than usual have been shared, maybe due to them looking more "wild" in their thicker winter coats. Of those shared we went with this one above by Brett Watson for November's photo. You will be able to see this photo in our coffee shop gallery next year. 

Keep scrolling to see a few more wildcat images, and some lovely atmospheric photos taken on a photographic day here a coupe of months ago. As always, click on the name of the photographer to see more of their photos.

"Scottish Wildcat" by Duncan Penfold

"Braveheart" by Andy Mulhearn

"Red Fox" by Jason Ward

"Little Owl" by Jason Ward

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