Monday, 15 April 2019

Otters Playing

If you have managed to see us over the last week while we have been open, hopefully you have had the chance to see our otter cubs playing. If not, or if you are planning on visiting one day this week, keep your eyes open!

Our two young otter cubs, Otto and Bea, seem to be at that very playful stage at the moment. Running around the banks, jumping in and out of the water, playing with their food by tossing it in the air or tumbling with it in the water, and perhaps most dramatic of all play fighting in the water.

This can be seen at various times of the day, whenever really takes their fancy, but most days this week they have had a good playful spell straight after the morning otter keeper talk at 12. After a bit of food, Otto and Bea have been playing in the water while mum and dad finish off their food, and then on occasion one of both of them will join in with the youngsters until they tire themselves out.

Here are a few photos from the last few days...

Otto looking very pleased with himself for finding a reed root to play with.

If you do visit over the next few days, try to make it to the morning otter talk and hang a round for a bit afterwards. Hopefully you won't be disappointed, and they will carry on with the little routine they seem to be in these last few days.

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