Saturday, 31 July 2010

Firemen lend a helping hand

Some of you may have noticed that our otter ponds were getting very low in the warm Summer we have had so far. In fact, they were the lowest I had ever seen them, and so we needed to do something about it. We asked our local fire service if they fancied a training exercise in pumping a huge bulk of water from one place to another, and they were more than happy to help.

We have a natural spring filling pond on the Centre's grounds nearby, and so we decided to move some of the water from there to our middle otter pond which had almost completely dried up.

The exercise was a success. The middle pond has now been topped up with water from the spinney, and Lilly and Kernow are happy to be able to play and swim around in their enclosure once again...

It seems they weren't the only ones pleased to have the fire brigades help today...

We will be laying our own hose in the future so that if we get any more drying out weather we can safely fill up the ponds ourselves.

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