Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Introducing Archimedes

On Sunday we aquired our latest edition to our owl education and flying team, a Long-Eared Owl chick which we have named "Archimedes" after the owl in Disney's "The Sword and the Stone"

We are hopeful that when Archimedes has been reared he will be friendly enough to join our owl team on their school education visits, and fit enough to take part in our owl displays in the dell.

Keeper Katie has taken on the task of rearing this special owl, and after the great job she has done with our barn and tawny chicks I am sure Archimedes is in safe hands.

We have had all 7 native owl species for a while now at the Centre, but the edition of Archimedes now means we have one of each which will be happy sitting on a glove and posing for photographs and many of which will fly.

Look out for Archimedes next time you visit the BWC.

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