Monday, 5 July 2010

Marsh Frogs

For quite a few weeks now our marsh frogs have been creating quite a racket! These introduced amphibians call and inflate air sacs either side of their mouth this time of year. Once one starts the others usually join in, not too bad if you only have a dozen or so in our water vole enclosure... but a lot of noise when 10's if not 100's have found their way into our nature reserve.

Marsh frogs are first thought to have been brought over around 1935 and released into a pond on the edge of Walland Marsh in Kent. They have subsequently spread and in within their ranges are now rather common.

Marsh frogs will eat almost anything, and have even shown cannibalistic tendencies. It seems if it will fit in their mouth the will eat it, but their usual diet will include invertebrates and small fish.

Keep an ear open for our frogs next time you visit us here at the BWC.

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