Monday, 1 November 2010

Fallow Deer Rut

The fallow deer rut is in full flow, I am afraid I have no pictures of this years clashing of antlers, but above is a photo of William "barking" to the rest of the herd.

Our pale buck William seems to have ousted Norman from his position of master buck. Some of you may remember that last year William put up a good fight, but was cut short when he broke one of his antlers. This year he seems to be faring much better with two. He has clashed antlers only a couple of times with the other buck, and even had a short lived go with Eric! But seems to be quite in charge of the fallow does currently.

Hopefully I will be able to bring you photos of some action soon, if not I can post a couple from last year to show you what the rut is all about.

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