Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Flying Owls

Our two new barn owls, hatched out here at the Centre earlier this year, have finally joined our flying team. After being successfully reared by keeper Katie, they took their first flight in front of the public over the weekend. Having coped with that as well as they did it was time for the training line to come off, and earlier today they took their first free flights around the Dell.

Katie has trained them well, and they both performed brilliantly. They will be on top form for the displays come the winter week opening and going into the weekends for next year where we also hope to add a little owl and short-eared owl to the flying team.

The barn owls have been named "Dawn" and "Evy"

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  1. Beautiful animals... I did not realize how much I like barn owls until I saw pictures of them. I have never seen a live one though, we must come and visit someday :)


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