Monday, 15 November 2010

Owl Roadshow

After last years launch of a Winter Roadshow, where we take animals to the schools, we have refined it all for this coming Winter and bookings are coming in strong!

We offered two different visits last year. Small mammals or Owls. Small mammals was good, but to the numbers of students we were getting it just was not visually enough to keep the attention. The owls on the other hand worked really well. Therefore this year we are offering just the Owls.

Our visit will usually last around an hour. We will bring up to all 7 British species of owl. Talk about each individual and owls in general, and new for this year... we may be able to fly one or two of the owls around the school hall.classroom.

Our first booking this Winter is tomorrow where I will be taking Robin, Evy, Florence and of course Ethel for a slightly shorter, 30 minute, presentation.

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