Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dormice enclosure

Yesterday we hosted the CDCBG meeting for 2011 (Common Dormouse Captive Breeding Group). The BWC is one of the newest members to the captive breeding group, housing a pair of their dormice for breeding and potential future release.

The new enclosure above, which many of you have seen being built opposite our snakes, will be the new home for these enchanting animals and their offspring. Dormice spend most of their lives asleep, and are extremely nocturnal. A glimpse of them therefore is unlikely. But with specially adapted nest boxes, and an enlarged entrance way to the pens, we hope to be able to offer the occasional "meet and greet" of these beautiful mammals.

And just because a photo of an empty, half built pen, is not much to look at... above is a photo of our resident crazy bird lady spending a morning in the woods with our hand reared tawny owls, all in aid of some Easter publicity adverts.

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