Saturday, 30 April 2011

BWC update

After a very busy week here at the BWC, and hence a slight lack in posting, I thought I would up date you all briefly on a couple of the lesser thought of animals. Firstly, our Marsh Frogs are proving to be very vocal. I am sure you will of heard them on recent visits, but they are now at it all night as well. Good opportunities to get nice photos of the puffed out cheeks.

Gnasher, one of our elder and more experienced hedgehogs, spent a morning filming with the PTES. He is to be the star of a new interactive, youtube game, to try and get youngsters interested in looking after wildlife and helping these animals by doing the odd little thing in their garden. When all finished and done the PTES have promised to send me the link, so I will endeavor to pass it on to you all too.

As for Jack, some of you would have seen him flying this year, but I have not had the chance to fly him as much as I had hoped. Therefore Katie has volunteered herself to help with his training/flying duties and you may see a new face controlling him in the skies.

News next week of yet more BWC babies, and a very exciting development with our badgers to be announced in a couple of weeks!

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