Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fergus out on Display

Fergus is now out on display! We have introduced him in with our female Kendra in the middle of the three enclosures. The hope is they will settle down nicely with each other over the Winter, and hopefully mate next year to produce more young wildcat kittens here at the Centre.

Wildcats are tricky too breed successfully, and we have been VERY successful in the past, but this year has just been one disappointment after another. After last weeks announcement of our new litter of kittens, they have since passed away. We had been keeping them very quiet due to the loss of both the first litter earlier this year to accidental death by the mother, and the father due to cancer, but at just over 8 weeks... and with them beginning to be spotted by the public, we thought it safe to announce the arrivals. Unfortunately one died earlier this week and the other two at the end of the week. We are awaiting post mortem reports on them all.

In brighter wildcat news, it is that time when we can start moving our kittens sired by Lex and Kendra last year around. Isla, pictured above, is moving to a new home up in Scotland this Monday, where she will be paired up with a nice young male to hopefully play an important role in the breeding programme. This has left Richy Junior on his own, so we have moved Iona over to his enclosure to give Kendra and Fergus more space. Keeping up?

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