Saturday, 23 June 2012


There has been an update on our main British Wildlife Centre website. If you have not yet seen it, follow the link in the side bar on the right. It has just had an overall tidy and is hopefully now easier to navigate and find the information you want. Well done to Liza!

... and, I have had a lot of people show an interest in my photography recently, so for anyone who would like to see some of my photos you can look at my sister blog "Matt's Photos" by clicking on the hidden link in my photo to the right. You may also get to read a bit more news on the Centre and keepers there too!

So, not so this post is all dull and boring, here is a quick update on the most asked about animals currently...

Our barn owl chicks, "Big Pete" and "Kevin" (I know, I know, last time I get Leonie and Tom to name an animal.) are doing great. All joking aside, both keepers are doing a fantastic job in rearing their first owl, and will soon be making a start on their flying training. I got a bit of grief for labelling them as ugly in my first post on them, but look above... you have to admit they look a lot cuter now? And wait until they are fully grown... I will do a post on them growing up through the stages to prove my point!

Ellis has settled in very well, maybe a little too well. He has quickly become the dominant fox in his new pen, despite being half the size of Biscuit! After a nervous couple of weeks, he is now seen out regularly through out the day, and especially at feed times or when Katie is in view. We have started to use him for photography groups, along with our main foxes, and Ellis is already making a name for himself.

Most excitingly of all... Tamar and Gracie have settled down well together. It is often difficult to introduce new otters together, and Grace has a history of not accepting other male otters with her. So after the first few days of them squabbling with each other, we were a little nervous. However, on the 3rd day of them being together they were happily playing with each other and chasing each other through the water! Brilliant to see, and another of those sights I rarely tire of seeing.

This is great news as we can keep them together, and hopefully they will become a breeding pair. Fingers crossed, may even have otter cubs before the end of the year!

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