Thursday, 14 June 2012

Polecat Babies

You may remember that I brought news of polecat babies being born here a month a go? Well they were born off display, but now the kits are old enough to be put back on display with mum with no risk of disturbing them.

Above is the proud mother, "Velvet." We moved the 7 kitts back into her main enclosure on display, next to our mink enclosure and then quickly introduced both her and the male "Storm." Going back to their main home, they were quick to recognise where they were and it was with in minutes that Velvet started to move her kits from the nest box to her underground den she is used to.

The kits are now 4 weeks old, but develop relatively slowly. After a short gestation of 6 weeks, the kits remain helpless until their eyes open up at 5 weeks old. At this age they are already weaned, with the mother taking solid food down to them before their eyes have opened.

Keep an eye open this weekend for our polecats. Storm and Velvet are very active, looking for extra food and keeping an eye out on who is about. You may even be lucky enough to glimpse the kits if Velvet decides to move them to a different den site.

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  1. Yay baby polecats!! Can't wait to come and see if we can get a glimpse of them. Jane GEM Ferret Care Group