Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Magnus, the Tawny Owl

Today we induct another member into our owl flying team. Meet "Magnus" the tawny owl!

Magnus is only 5 weeks old, and was hatched at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. He has been imprinted by the falconers there, and we collected him earlier today to continue the rearing and training process here at the Centre. Already he is starting to think about hopping and flying short distances, and is an excellent climber... we hope to have him flying within a few weeks to take part in our flying displays by the Summer holidays.

Richard has been tasked with the rearing of Magnus, and will take on most of the training duties too. Having done a great job on Eclipse, I am sure Magnus will follow suit and be a favourite of our displays.

Look out for Magnus this Saturday. I am sure Rich will be wanting to show him off, and we will debut him on our 4pm Owl Display with a walk around before the flying owls start.

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