Friday, 7 December 2012

BWC Photo Comp; "JUNIOR" Shortlist

Our most successful photo competition to date has brought us nearly 600 images to look through, something we have all thoroughly enjoyed, and although it has been a very hard task we have now short listed each category down to the finalists. Over the leading weeks up to Christmas we will be showing off all the category short listed entries on the blog, with the winners, runners-up and overall competition winner to be announced early next year. So, with all that in mind, why not start with the category which brought us the overall winner for 2011... The "Junior" category.

This year the Junior category really caught the judges eyes, although still the least entered category, the standard certainly topped what was on offer last year and shows us that there are some really promising budding photographers out there!

"Junior" Short list for BWC Photo Comp; 2012

 "Day & Night" - Alex Berryman - submitted via flickr

 "Synchronised Snakes" - Jaime Holme - submitted via email

 "I'm Watching You" - Alex Berryman - submitted via flickr

"Feed Me" - Izzy Burrows - submitted via email

 "Frog Eyes" - Leon Rauch - submitted via email

 "Vole in a Hole" - Lena Zarkowski - submitted via email

"Otter in Flight" - Jaime Holme - submitted via email

 "Focused Fox" - Jack Barton - submitted via flickr

 "Otter" - Luke Burgess - submitted via email

"Emerging House Mouse" - Jack Barton - submitted via flickr

Good luck to the above photographers, and check back on Monday for the next short listed category.

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