Saturday, 20 April 2013

Red Squirrel Kitten's

Already this year we have seen behaviour in both our walk-through enclosure, and our breeding pens, that show we have red squirrel kittens. One or two have even started to make an appearance, but are still all very young.

On top of this, a couple of our breeding sites have also let me know they have kittens too, some for the first time, so it is all very exciting!

The above photo is if an old squirrel I reared called "Flame" a couple of years a go, but some fresh photos will be put up as soon as I have seen them out and about properly... I also have other news about a squirrel kitten, but will bring that to you later next week.

In other squirrel news, yesterday there was a national conference held at Exeter University for like minded squirrel people to get together to talk about the future of conservation for our native squirrel.

Unfortunately prior engagements ment I was unable to attend, but hopefully this helped bring together many people and establish new communication links. I can see this as only being a good thing, and hope all red squirrel lovers can work together to help conserve one of Britain's most iconic animals!

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