Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tame Fallow join the Herd

 Its been a strange old week, very busy with schools and photographic groups as usual, but with lots of odds and ends jobs to do and finding the time to squeeze in moving a few animals around. I will bring you news next week of our weasels and red squirrel kittens, but for now take note that when you next come to visit us, our four tame fallow deer are no longer in deer corner.

We have tried to introduce our tame fallow to our main herd before, but they never fully settled. Now, with an extra two mates, and with our main buck showing a keen interest in them, we thought we would try again. So far so good, and although they are likely to stay separate from the main herd for some time... at least they seem settled and are not being harassed by the group.

So what does that mean for deer corner?..

Well, it has always been a bit of a dead space, and so over the winter months later this year we are hoping to tidy it all up and create something new. Maybe a clue is above?

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