Friday, 14 June 2013

Red Deer Calves

It seems that the BWC is booming with babies at the moment. Over the last few days we have seen our first few red deer calves being born.

It is always lovely to see the deer being born, and remarkable to see the youngsters on their feet and moving around within 15 minutes! A little tentatively at first of course, but it doesn't take them long. When first born the calves are covered in a light, white dappling across their bodies... this would help act as camouflage out in the wild. After a few months they will start to lose this patterning, and will go in to the winter with the plain red coat, much like the adults.

For the first few weeks the calves will be very shy, if you want to try and spot them the best place to be will be on our deer platform. The best place to look will be along the back fence of the paddock, they will most likely be lying down keeping still.

A good clue will be if you see a mother on her own, separate from the pack. Nearby will almost certainly be her calf.

Give it a month or two, and the calves will be coming over with their mums to feed... and if your lucky enough over the next few days, you may well see some more calves being born.

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